Today, we have completed 7 months of continuous work at SEAT Martorell, and we can not be happier, because the work goes on.

The SEAT plant in Martorell can boast of being one of the most advanced in Europe. Only in the workshops where the bodies of their cars are shaped there are a total of 2,000 robots working in unison and in perfect coordination with 1,700 employees to assemble, every 68 seconds, a complete body.

For our part, our team of programmers of industrial robots, are doing an excellent job in this factory, which includes the realization of very specific work within the process of preparation and retooling of lines, implementation of new robots FANUC and KUKA, and their applications; and programming and integration of these robots within the process of vehicle implementation.

We have worked on the dashboard lines, rear floor, previous floor, tunnel, structure H, geometry I and geometry II, completion I and completion II.

Although our work is just one part of the large production, it contributes to the achievement of the objectives indicated by SEAT, in order to guarantee the production of its different models.

We leave you with a video, courtesy of La Vanguardia, from the SEAT Martorell factory, where you can see how one of its cars is manufactured.


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